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FY1050B Automatic Thermal Film Laminating Machine

FY-1050B Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine

The FY-B automatic thermal laminating machine is specially designed for glue-less paper-film lamination.
1) The laminator works without a gluing unit, saving resources and energy consumption.
2) The heat pressing roller is heated internally with an oil heating system for high temperature rolling and consistent operation.
3) High speed feeder ensures stable and accurate sheet feeding.
4) Non-stop feeding and stacking ensures a high level of operating efficiency.
5) Optional chain blade cutting system specially designed for cutting PVC and PET film.
6) Anti-curl unit for thin paper treatment.

Main Specifications:
Max.sheet size 1050x820mm
Min.sheet size 390x320mm
Sheet thickness 100~500gsm
Laminating speed 10-80m/min
Total Power 25kw
Overall dimension 9100x2200x2100mm
Machine weight 7000kg