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FM-E Automatic Vertical Laminating Machine

FM-E Automatic Vertical type Laminating Machine

1) High speed feeder ensures a stable and precise sheet flow.
2) Non-stop feeding and stacking significantly reduces preparation time.
3) Servo controlled overlap unit ensures accuracy.
4) Efficient oil heating system keeps the temperature of the pressing roller uniform and stable.
5) Chrome high brightness coupling rollers to coat evenly and efficiently.
6) Strong heated air drying system for rapid, efficient drying.
7) Anti-curl unit suitable for thin paper lamination.
8) Touch screen control for simple, convenient operation.
9) Elegant and unique appearance designed by a professional industrial design company.
10) The vertical design of the automatic laminator is intended to minimize floor space used in operation.

Main Specifications:
Max.sheet size 1050x820mm
Min.sheet size 390x320mm
Sheet thickness 100~500gsm
Laminating speed 10-80m/min
Overall dimension 11000x2200x2600mm
Machine weight 8500kg