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High Speed Horizontal Automatic Slitting Machine, DFQ-C

The DFQ-C automatic slitting machine is economical, high speed and versatile converting equipment. It can be used to slit a variety of materials such as reeled films, paper, adhesive sticker, aluminum foils, and more.

1. This automatic slitter comes with high level of automation and flexibility due to an integration of control system and the machine body.
2. Its raw material holder is designed with LPC or EPC deviation control system.
3. The slitting machine applies straight slitting knife. Round knife is optional as per user's demands.
4. Designed with a constant pressure press roll for the rewinding roll, this slitter rewinder features more stable rewinding.
5. Unwinding device adopts cantilevered structure. A discharging tower structure can also be equipped according to user's requirements.
6. The unwinding device of this slitting machine comes with doffing type loading function.

Main Specifications
Model DFQ-C1-3 DFQ-C2-3 DFQ-C3-3
Max. unwinding diameter ¢1200mm ¢1200mm ¢1200mm
Max. rewinding diameter ¢600mm ¢600mm ¢600mm
Max. width 700mm 700mm 700mm
Min. slitting width 50mm 50mm 50mm
Web guiding control Photocell or Ultrasonic
Precision ≤±0.5mm ≤±0.5mm ≤±0.5mm
Main driven system Single motor Double motor Three motor
Control style PLC + touch screen PLC + touch screen PLC + touch screen
Tension control style Taper automatic regulation
Mechanical speed 0-250m/min 0-350m/min 0-350m/min
Unwinding shaft Air shaft Air shaft Air shaft
Rewinding shaft Air shaft Differential slip shaft Air shaft or Differential slip shaft
Machine weight About3500kg About3500kg About 3500kg