Solventless Lamination Machine

1. Characteristic
1) One button operation
2) Intelligent distribution of glue system
3) High sensitive constant tension control system
4) Accurate measurement of coating system
5) Semi closed working environment
2. Coating Structure:
--Classic five roll coating method
--Coating quantity can be adjusted accurately
--Three roller heating control system to ensure the glue temperature, independent temperature control, no interference, precise control;
--Spindle servo motor control, two servo motor for coating glue quantity adjustment, high precision reducer, provide stable speed control
--Synchronous tension: high precision tension control, use 360 degrees high precision sensor, with ultra-low friction cylinder control tension pendulum rod, sectional control, precise tension control, ensure high speed compound stability
--Unwinding and rewinding: the top and top of the material are all air top structure, and the material is fast up and down, so as to improve the production efficiency
--Emergency shutdown time less than 2 seconds.
the external foot controller Inching device , when cleaning equipment, one person operation, safe and fast
3. Specification:
model WJ1100 WJ1300 WJ1500
Max width(mm) 1150 1350 1550
The diameter of unwinder(mm) 800 800 800
The diameter of rewinder(mm) 1000 1000 1000
mold Temperature Controller(sets) 3 3 3
weight(KG) 12600 13500 15500
Overall dimensions(mm) 6000*3200*3000 6000*3400*3000 6000*3600*3000
Mechanical rated speed M/min 400 400 350