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Plastic Thermoforming Machine, RHC Series

Forming & Punching Station
RHC-600/500plastic thermoforming machine adopts the most advanced plastic thermoforming technology and was developed to be a forming machine of high production efficiency.It is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components and the whole was controlled by micro PLC.The machine has man-interface operation. Combines heating, forming, cutting into one process.
Application Area:
It is suitable for forming HIPS, PS, PVC, PET, PP sheet that can produce boxes, trays, fast food boxes, dishes, lids, cookies tray, mobile phone tray & other blister tray.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model RHC-600/500 (three stations) RHC-600/500 (four stations)
Max. Forming Area 680*550mm 680*550mm
Max. Forming Depth 110mm 110mm
Sheet Thickness Range 0.15-1.2mm 0.15-1.2mm
Max. Sheet Width 715mm 715mm
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.8Mpa
Speed 360-900 cycles/h 360-900 cycles/h
Heater Power 38kw (Upper Heater) 29kw (Lower Heater) 38kw (Upper Heater) 29kw (Lower Heater)
Cutting Pressure 80tons 80tons
Punching Pressure 30tons
Upper Mold Table Stroke 130mm 130mm
Lower Mold Table Stroke 130mm 130mm
Max. Mold Depth 110mm 110mm
Power 3 Phases 380V/50HZ 3 Phases 380V/50HZ
Max. Hydraulic Pump Pressure 16Mpa 16Mpa
Max. Cutting Length 12000mm 12000mm
Machine Total Power 72kw 72kw
Overall Dimensions 9380*2300*2200mm 10580*2300*2200mm
Weight 8000kg 10000kg