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Plastic Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine, XSHYD Series

Characteristics :
The Series of XSHYD Thicker Sheet Vacuum Forming Machine adopts foreign leading technology, infrared heater and the whole system was controlled by PLC; comparing with the common vacuum forming machine, easy operation and complete function. It has been obtained six national patents. It is suitable for thermoforming ABS, PS, PVC, PE, PP, PC,
PMMA,PMMA/ABS plastic board and plastic sheet etc., which can produce the automotive interiors , motorcycle decorater board, The shell of eclectic scooter, The shell of medical apparatus, refrigerator cabinet, The parts of bathroom, bathtub, door panel, stepney cover, lantern etc.
Max. height of mold can up to 650mm.
Double heater: It is suitbale for thermoforming ABS, PS, PVC, PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PMMA/ABS plastic sheet which thickness within 12mm.
Adopt short wove emitter as heater, it advantage is heat uniformly, penetrate strongly, reflect best, heating quickly and save power.
Industrial computer control system and temperature module, it can set & display temperature on panel directly, more precision and easy operation.
Main specification:
Model Max. Forming Area (mm×mm) Max. height of Mold(mm) Power(kw) Overall dimension (mm) Weight(kg)
XSHYD1007/35/65 1000×700 350/650 Approx.42 7200x4000x4300 6000
XSHYD1510/35/65 1500×1000 350/650 Approx.74 8700x4900x4300 7500
XSHYD1515/35/65 1500×1500 350/650 Approx.97 8700x6400x4300 8500
XSHYD2010/35/65 2000×1000 350/650 Approx.105 10200x4900x4300 9000
XSHYD2015/35/65 2000×1500 350/650 Approx.137 10200x6400x4300 11000
XSHYD2020/35/65 2000×2000 350/650 Approx179 10200x7800x4300 16000
XSHYD2510/35/65 2500×1000 350/650 Approx.128 11700x4900x4300 10000
XSHYD2515/35/65 2500×1500 350/650 Approx.181 11700x6400x4300 15000
XSHYD2520/35/65 2500×2000 350/650 Approx.232 11700x7800x4300 17000
XSHYD3020/35/65 3000×2000 350/650 Approx.277 13200x7800x4300 20000