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Automatic Vertical Laminating Machine, FM-B

1. Description:
FM-B Series Laminating Machine is multi-functional product for both water based and thermal film laminating. It with the features: advance structure, high-leveled automation easy operation and high cost performance. It widely applicable for laminating in packaging, books, magazines, and commercial fields, its the best choice for printing and laminating enterprises of all scales.
2. Main Features:
1) High speed feeder ensures stable and accurate sheet feeding and easy operation.
2) Non-stop feeding and stacking greatly shortens preparation time.
3) Efficient oil-heating system keeps the temperature of heating pressing roller uniform and steady.
4) Chromed high brightness coupling rollers to coat evenly and economically.
5) Strong heated air drying system for rapid and efficient drying.
6) Anti-curl unit suitable for thin paper laminating treatment.
3. Specification:
Model FM-1050B
Max.sheet size 1050×1050mm
Min.sheet size 390×320mm
Paper weight 100-500gsm
Speed 10-70m/min(according to the material, printing color and printing area)
Total power 60kw
Machine dimension 8400*2200*2400mm
Machine weight 7500kg